RCF SUB 905-AS MK3 Lightweight 15" PA / DJ Powered Subwoofer With DSP 2200 Watts

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Product Description

RCF SUB 905-AS MK3 Lightweight 15" PA /DJ Powered Subwoofer With DSP 2200 Watts


  • 2200 W

  • 133 dB max SPL

  • 40 Hz - 120 Hz frequency response

  • 15" Woofer, 3.0" v.c.

  • Birch tour grade cabinet

  • Selectable gain, X-over, cardioid mode and time delay

  • Stereo XLR input, Stereo XLR signal output

The SUB 905-AS MK3 is a self-powered extended low-frequency subwoofer with internal DSP. Its compact cabinet houses a state-of-the-art 15" transducer featuring ceramic magnets and a 3.0” voice coil. The internal amplifier manages up to 2200W power output,, delivering sound pressure levels up to 133 dB. Proprietary Bass Motion Control processing provides extended linearity and remarkable sound integrity. Rear panel controls include presets, crossover frequency, and polarity selection, cardioid, and output delay settings. The tour-ready, rugged all-wood cabinet with scratch-resistant polyurea coating is stackable and lightweight, ensuring quick set-ups and tear-downs. Built specifically for highly demanding applications, SUB 905-AS MK3 is the perfect workhorse for music professionals.

Legendary subwoofers

  • RCF subwoofers are the first choice of many sound engineers, thanks to the very high SPL levels at very low frequencies, small dimensions compared to the competitors, self-powered design, internal delay control, long-term reliability, cardioid configuration options, and impressive size/weight to SPL output ratio. Your crowd will be able to live an engaging immersive experience in both live sound or DJing applications.

Power that moves

  • The most powerful amplifier in its class. RCF's improvements in transducer design make our woofers stronger and powerful, so the amplifier follows the evolution.
  • With 2200W power, our Class-D amplifier is able to manage extreme sound pressure levels with an ultra-fast attack, realistic transient response, and very low heat loss. So energy-efficient that there's no need for a cooling fan - the amplifier is attached to a solid aluminum heat exchanger in the rear of the cabinet - with no moving parts.
  • The stereo input circuit with crossover features a new low distortion design with an advanced safety limiter, maintaining the true character of the input signal at all levels. RCF amplifiers are designed according to EN62368-1 for maximum safety and present a Switch Mode Power Supply section joining high-efficiency with minimum weight.

 Tour-Ready Workhorse

  • The RCF cabinets are made of high-quality multi-ply hardwood coated with a black polyurea finish. The subs are stackable and light-weight, for easy set-up and tear down, thanks to the ergonomic handles. A pole receptacle on top and side allows the use of the box in various configurations.
  • The powder-coated front grille integrates a special transparent-to-sound foam backing on the inside to further protect the transducers from dust.