2x PRV Audio 8MB450-4 v2 8" Pro Midbass 450Watts Woofer 4-Ohms Car Audio Speaker

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2x PRV 8MB450-4 v2 T.C.
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Product Description

PRV Audio 8MB450-4 v2 8" Pro Midbass 450 Watts Woofer 4-Ohms Car Audio Speaker


  • The 8MB450 v2, 8" PRV Audio Pro Audio Mid bass Woofer offers smooth lower response through a punchy mid bass range and the frequency response that takes your applications smoothly through the 7,500 Hz range. The 2" voice coil, durable spider suspension and the woven surround all supported by the sturdy steel basket ensures its ability to withstand long hours of operation without compromising efficiency of the speaker. A thick, yet light rigid cone ensures accurate response and power handling.

  • The size and punch of this pro audio driver makes it perfect for a mid range driver in a 3 way loudspeaker cabinet or woofer in your studio monitor and even works great in home Hi-Fi installs. Also a great car audio woofer!


  • Smooth midrange combined with strong midbass punch

  • Rated AES Power Handling( RMS): 225 Watts

  • Designed for small sealed cabinets

  • Also Available at 8 Ohms 8MB450v2

  • Ideal for use as replacement speaker for studio monitors, hi-fi cabinets, or car audio installations